September 7, 2017

Pilates For Rehab and Special Conditions

Pilates Benefits for Post Rehabilitation and Special Conditions

In post rehabilitation pilates, the condition itself dictates certain limitations that the Pilates instructor will know to respect. Pain is NO gain in pilates and this is especially true in a post rehab situation. With every condition, there is a different goal and protocol, yet in every situation, the post rehab techniques are designed to balance and strengthen the entire body for a highly functional and fit result.

For anyone beginning a pilates practice, movement and postural assessments offer valuable information to design an appropriate pilates program that will correct postural deviances and balance the body. It is especially important to prescribe a post-rehab program that will counteract overcompensation for an injury, as well as regain function, fitness, and overall well being.

Some examples of injuries and dysfunctions where post rehabilitation methods can help:

SI joint dysfunction
degenerative spine
herniated disk
spinal fusion
hip replacement
knee replacement
ligament sprains/tears
shoulder instability
Multiple Sclerosis
rotator cuff injuries
frozen shoulder
tennis/golf elbow
carpal tunnel
breast surgery
auto-immune syndromes
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Parkinson’s Disease

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