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Beyond Fit Pilates, in North Scottsdale, provides a unique, intimate environment ideal for centering and breath. Classes stay small and private sessions are truly private, with personal instruction and attention to every detail for all students.

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We have freedom of movement because intimate does not equal small. Volumous high industrial ceilings, floor to ceiling mirrors and windows, and warm, wood plank floors surround you in your secluded classes. Our private and semi-private sessions train in a smaller, inspirational space, giving energy to the focus and concentration.

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Because pilates is a practice, it needs to be at a convenient time. A connection with the right instructor is also paramount. Cindy Ayres is our lead instructor at Beyond Fit Pilates and will either be your instructor or place you with a trusted instructor who will work with you, at your preferred time, at our studio or at a studio closer to you.

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(Group sessions taught at The Pilates Room. Contact Beyond Fit for a complimentary assessment session before scheduling)

About Cindy

Cindy Ayres - Pilates Instructor in Scottsdale

Cindy has made it her life’s work to help bodies that hurt to function and feel better, to gently progress the very beginner into a competent, confident pilates student, and to challenge the most elite athlete to fine tune their fitness, balance, flexibility, and injury prevention. Being a long time competitive athlete herself, she has experienced the many injuries that come with pushing the body, as well as the joys of the aging process. From this experience, Cindy has developed a true compassion for the unique conditions and goals that each student presents to her.

Behind the Pilates movement, there is science, system, and psychology, all of which Cindy is a perpetual student. She instills newly acquired information regularly into her sessions, keeping the work fresh, intellectually stimulating, and even more effective.

Cindy earned her first training certification, the American Council on Exercise, in 1998 to teach health and fitness. In 2010, Cindy became a certified STOTT PILATES™ instructor. She chose STOTT PILATES for the depth and intelligence of this contemporary Pilates style. Cindy teaches Pilates privates, semi-privates, and small groups at all levels, including injuries and special conditions. She teaches on all equipment, mat, and barre. Additionally, Cindy offers a  STOTT PILATES™ brand of pilates/yoga fusion called Zenga. She frequently holds Zenga workshops and will sprinkle Zenga into many of her regular classes for extra stretch and variety. Cindy’s favorite part of teaching Pilates is watching her students progress into solid, confident pilates bodies who have fun challenging themselves just a little bit more in every class.

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