“Second shoulder replacement… now have complete range of motion"

"Pilates" was a foreign word to me until I found myself to be 64 years old and full of arthritis. I had always been athletic but after three joint replacements, I was about as flexible as a steel rod!  Thank heavens for Cindy Ayres and her Pilates expertise!! I began working with her three months after my second shoulder replacement surgery and now have complete range of motion in both shoulders. My orthopedic surgeon feels the movements in Pilates are the most beneficial exercise anyone can do to maintain flexibility and strength.

Cindy was patient and made adjustments for my situation until I was able to meet her guidelines to join a class. I now do group Pilates three times a week and truly look forward to it and the camaraderie of the others attending.  It has been one year since my first Pilates class with Cindy and I would recommend this instructor and this exercise method to everyone, especially for those over 50 yrs old!

Mary Riley

“Committed to her craft”

Cindy Ayres is one of the best instructors I have ever worked with. I have made health, fitness and exercise a big part of my life for over twenty years, and there are few instructors I have met who are as passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to their craft as Cindy. She is an incredible listener and communicator. Her instruction is excellent, and the results I have seen have exceeded my expectations. Better posture, stronger core, and more flexibility. Thank you for introducing me to Pilates, Cindy!

Keith Jones

“Knowledgeable and 
a good listener”

Working out with Cindy, is an absolute pleasure.  She’s knowledgeable, informative, and knows how to make working out interesting.  She’s very good at listening to what my wants and needs are.  Her workouts are physical and pushes me to be the best I can be. Just looking at Cindy, motivates me to want to look like her. She’s the best!

Barbara Reed

“Engaging and vivacious”

What can I say, but WOW!!  Cindy has been my personal Pilates instructor  for over six months and I’ve noticed not only a better physique, but an overall difference in how I feel. The quality of attention and her vivacious personality makes my time with her very engaging. I’ve come to realize, during my time with Cindy, that Pilates is hard to master if not given the proper mental feedback. Cindy not only gives vivid mental pictures, but she masterfully incorporates her broad knowledge of human anatomy as well to ensure that my techniques are correct. Overall, my core strength, flexibility, and my love for healthier living is all thanks to Cindy.

Phoebe Sinn, O.D.

”I trust her depth of knowledge”

I first met Cindy about a year and a half ago.  I had just started training with a personal trainer a couple of months before that and was beginning to do more cardio and fitness training, but found that my flexibility was lacking.

My first session with Cindy was amazing. She took the time to hear my story (I had an injury to my back several years ago, and I then re-injured the same area a few months before we met) and then looked at my body and my ability to move from all angles. She did an analysis of my spine and then we did some preliminary work on the reformer.

Combining pilates with my training program has been one of the best things I could have done for myself. I’ve lost both pounds and inches, and gained confidence, strength, energy, flexibility, and found the internal connection to myself that I had been missing for way too long.

Cindy also has the ability to make you feel comfortable, even when you are doing something you do not think your body can do.  She is a professional and very knowledgeable, and I am very fortunate that she and I have met.

Ariana Peters, D.O. Mayo Hospital

“Recognizes my special needs”

The first time I met Cindy I was attempting a work-sponsored boot camp. Immediately she recognized that physically I just was not ready for that rigorous of a workout. Being sedentary, obese, and having had one too many old injuries has pretty much kept me on the sidelines and leading a less than active lifestyle.

Cindy started with the basics — interviewing me to learn my physical limitations, what areas can be strengthened, and how to work around problem areas. When I came to Cindy, I couldn’t lift a 40 lb bag of dog food without straining myself. Lifting the five gallon water bottle to the top of the cooler… forget about it.

Working with Cindy I have learned to identify muscle groups within my own body. Strengthening my core, so I don’t look like a hunchback, has also assisted in minimizing migraine headaches. On days that I lack motivation, she asks, “what’s going on?” and by the end of a session, when I began with zero energy, I feel invigorated.

You get what you put into it, and each individual’s results depend on how hard they are willing to work. However, just like Mickey Goldmill to Rocky, Cindy will coach you to be a champion.

Sasha Bunger

“Never thought Pilates would be for me, but I was wrong”

As a young athlete that grew up in everything from basketball to skateboarding, I feel like a 22 year old in a 40+ year old body. Posture has never been that great, flexibility has been poor, it goes on and on.

After starting pilates with Cindy, I seriously have not felt better in a long time. My flexibility is improving, my range of motion on my previously injured shoulder is improving, and I feel just overall better from the core. Never thought Pilates would be for me, but I was wrong. Highly recommend trying this even if it seems outside of your comfort zone because I guarantee you'll love it!

Robert Keller

“I finally found someone I can stick with and see results”

I've had my share of personal trainers and pilates instructors over the years and I finally found someone I can stick with and see results.  Cindy goes above and beyond to customize your workout to fit your personal goals and to allow you to push yourself.  She is knowledgeable about how to work with your injuries to minimize any risk and to reduce further problems.  She helps you identify how you can make better nutrition and lifestyle choices and keeps you confident and positive.  Her studio is very well equipped and professional while offering a private environment where you can keep your focus.  Cindy is such a delightful personality, you really can't wait to get back to the studio for your next lesson.

Rebecca Grossman

“Her studio is immaculately clean and she keeps all of her equipment in top condition”

There just isn't anyone, anywhere that does Pilates instruction better than Cindy. She's knowledgeable and completely focused on each individual. She has a great sense of knowing when and how hard to push my efforts and still make it fun. Her approach is completely customized to my personal goals and limitations. Her studio is immaculately clean and she keeps all of her equipment in top condition.

Jim Lusk

“I always left feeling thankful and invigorated”

I fit into the category of having special needs.  I used to play competitive inter-club tennis. I recently had two successful knee replacements and then a coincidental diagnosis of NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) which explained why I couldn't balance when I walk. I will have brain shunt surgery soon. All the while, I have been actively trying to recover. Fortunately, Cindy is certified to work with 'special populations' and I experienced that expertise first hand. She has a lot of fitness ideas and was able to adapt them to my ability.  Every session was a good total body challenge; I always left feeling thankful and invigorated. Pilates is my 'new tennis'. Cindy's clear instructions and encouragement have been invaluable. She is the best!

Teresa Sandhu

“I can take the time to work the way I need to in the session”

I've been working with Cindy at Beyond Fit Pilates for about a year now and I've been very happy!!  I always look forward to my sessions.  Cindy is encouraging and knowledgeable, and I love how she takes the time to understand my goals and limitations. I have some injuries from a previous athletic career and was having trouble finding a workout that would work for me. I feel much stronger since I've begun working with Cindy! I especially like that it's an intimate environment -- I can take the time to work the way I need to in the session. Cindy is always able to offer a recommendation re: nutrition, home workouts, and other practitioners that may be helpful. Highly recommend!!

Karen Gawin

“An amazing, fun workout”

I wanted to get into amazing shape for my son’s upcoming wedding. I was in my mid-50s and needed really good core work. I always thought I could do it myself and had never hired a trainer. If you're looking for an amazing, fun workout as well as looking for excellent results, you have to check out Beyond Fit Pilates with Cindy Ayres. Cindy is a true professional. Cindy is patient and fun, upbeat, and she works to teach you the basics of a beginner, ultimately working towards advanced Pilates. Lovely studio, with a neighborhood vibe, flexible, and customizes your work out.

Janice Jones

“Used muscles I don't think I have ever used”

The first time trying Pilates was an amazing experience. Cindy was beyond nice and took the time to understand my body so that I wouldn't injure myself. The workout allowed me to use muscles I don't think I have ever used. Will definitely recommend to my friends. Thanks Beyond Fit!

Nolan Rucker

“My physical therapist recommended her”

I have been going to Cindy for a little over a year now.  My physical therapist recommended her after I injured my back lifting my granddaughter. I can honestly say that my back is so much stronger now after doing Pilates once a week (more is better!) and she is careful to progress me at my own pace without inducing any further injury. She tailors her workout each week to my skill level and it is always something different and fun. When I  am with another person ( a duet) she chooses someone compatible with my ability and is flexible to accommodate changes in my schedule. I really enjoy going to her private studio vs. a large fitness gym and love the personalized experience.

Karen DeMoss

“Cindy is by far the best teacher I have ever had”

I had tried three different Pilates studios in Scottsdale and Cindy is by far the best teacher I have ever had. She makes the classes challenging but fun and tailors them to each individual’s needs. Highly recommend Cindy!

Debbie Meyer

“Cindy pushes me safely past my comfort zone”

I have been training with Cindy for over five years and LOVE it! I started with private instruction to address acute hip pain. Then progressed to advance group reformer classes, which continue to challenge me weekly. Cindy is very knowledgeable and personable - providing a wealth of resources, so I can achieve my goals... and push me safely past my comfort zone. Highly recommend!

Caroline Kwong

“Each class is unique”

Cindy is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and energetic! Each class is unique, exciting, and designed specifically to the clients’ abilities. I absolutely love her energy and spirit!!

Erin Dahdah

“I’m always amazed that no two classes are ever exactly the same”

I highly recommend Pilates with Cindy! Every class is fun and challenging and I’m always amazed that no two classes are ever exactly the same. Cindy is very positive, upbeat and knowledgeable and you will really enjoy working out with her!

Melanie Meyer

“A beautiful experience”

Outstanding guidance and professionalism! And an awesome, happy, loving spirit, making your experience a beautiful one!

Sedric Gant

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