Free Discovery Session

(Could be a private or a class)

Beyond Fit Pilates Free Discovery Sessions Scottsdale

(Group sessions taught at The Pilates Room. Contact Beyond Fit for a complimentary assessment session before scheduling.)

For those who are experienced and looking for the next challenge or for someone new to Scottsdale Pilates hoping to become familiar with the movement, we offer a free session. This gives you an opportunity to experience our studio, meet the instructor, and learn more about our contemporary Pilates style. With a focus on learning about you, including a postural assessment, discussing your challenges, and defining your goals, we want to put you on the most successful path to achieving them, whether it’s through Mat Pilates by using the best Pilates Reformer Scottsdale has to offer. This session is available only to those who are new to Beyond Fit Pilates.

Private Pilates Sessions

Private Sessions Scottsdale

Private sessions give students the one-on-one attention for a program perfectly built for personal fitness goals and special conditions, including post rehabilitation. For more advanced students, privates allow the instructor to assist while practicing higher level exercises safely. With the studio’s truly private environment, students can work confidently through their challenges with an honesty and a focus that cannot be achieved with anyone else in the room.


for a package of 5-10 sessions.


for a single session.

Semi-Private Pilates Sessions

Beyond Fit Pilates Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-privates allow the instructor to give the constant, personal attention that a private session would receive, at nearly half the cost. Semi-privates are especially fitting for those with special conditions and injuries where the exercises can easily be modified, for those who have changing schedules, as semi-privates are easier to reschedule than the larger groups, or just for good friends to connect in a more intimate setting.


for a package of 5-10 sessions.


for a single session.

Group Classes

Pilates Group Sessions and Classes Scottsdale

A Place to Belong.

There is a strong sense of familiarity and community in our group classes, so strong that it’s common for students to gather outside of the studio for happy hours, hikes and holiday parties. Come experience what it’s like to push yourself in the company of friends with similar skill levels and goals.


for a package of 5-10 sessions.


for a single session.

MAT plus BARRE Pilates Classes

Pilates MAT plus BARRE Classes Scottsdale

MAT PLUS is a full body workout with a focus on the core including traditional Pilates mat work, mini-stability balls, toning balls, barre, bands, balance, and stretching. Classes for the best Mat Pilates Scottsdale can provide are set to revitalizing music that energizes, rejuvenates, and maintains a consistent exercise flow. Every class is different, keeping the bodywork fresh and the mind stimulated.


for a package of 10 sessions.


for a single session.

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